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EBMI - is an establishment which aims at building a better world

The pronounced interweaving of politics and economics with history and culture gives particular value to an interdisciplinary approach in the analysis of the modern development of Global Business, such as Europe, Asia and Australia.

India, as the leading power in South Asia and an ever-growing contender for a place among the "first echelon" states, is steadily attracting the interest of investors around the world.

Europe is an indicator of the multi-format and even often heterogeneous foreign policy, which is largely based on the socio-economic and cultural-historical features of the continent's domestic policy.

Based on the foregoing, and forming the EBMI Group, we sincerely believe that the main focus is on the formation of an extremely heterogeneous population - a harmonious, healthy society.

Representing the latest technology, the highest class of service and in a broad sense -Trading, EBMI Group is an open, flexible and innovative company that stands for the protection of the health of people and the social infrastructure in which they live, and also a guarantor of sustaining growth and realizing a truly rich and sustainable society.

We believe in the power of sincere relationships built on mutual understanding, trust and the highest competencies of our experts. Through this activity, we assure you that we will be able to meet any expectations of our stakeholders.

About Us

EBMI Group - is a integrative organization that focuses on multilateral cooperation forming long-term values. We have succeeded through our three integrated service lines and our deep sector knowledge.

  • New Technology and Renewable Clean Energy Investments
  • Market Entry Europe - India - Europe
  • Smart International Trading

In these areas, we combine bold strategies and transformative technologies to help organizations and individuals adapt to the present, almost daily changing business environment. We continuously work towards improving the quality of all our services, investing in our people and innovation, helping all companies to achieve balanced growth and productivity. In other words, we are working with entrepreneurs, companies, and solving their concerns in these most pressing challenging time.

The EBMI Group is a team consists of over 200 highly qualified professionals. Experts are characterized by high quality, strict professional ethics, deep specialized knowledge and an exceptional level of professionalism. Our Team specialize in services such as: Law & Taxes, Consulting, Project consulting, Investment management and New technology. We are united by a strong set of values, including a deep commitment to diversity, but still with a common purpose.

Our Partners

Our Team


Mariusz Luszczewski

Having a background from his paternal side from Poland and maternal side from India, he is half Indian and half Polish and brings in the best of values and hard work from the respected Luszczewski and Agnihotri family. A Szczecin-based businessman and business community activist. For several years, he has been promoting cooperation between Poland and India. Late 2017, he established the Western Pomerania-India Chamber of Commerce whose members are interested in making and developing business relations between businesses based in Poland and Europe with India (And India to Europe) In just a couple of weeks, the membership of the chamber exceeded 150. The Chamber is one of major partners for the Embassy of the Republic of India in Poland. During his first official visit to India as the President of the Chamber, M. Łuszczewski signed prestigious cooperation agreements with the World Trade Centre Mumbai and the European Business and Technology Centre in New Delhi.

He enjoys twenty years of experience in business management (as the director of operations) in USA and Europe of companies like International Hotels & Resorts, Lane Hospitality, Global Hotels Development Group S.A.

He started his carrier with Global Hotels Development Group SA and was involved in the opening of the second in Poland Holiday Inn Hotel. He was quickly promoted to managerial functions in InterContinental Hotels Group in the US. Since 2005, he was a managing director of the network comprising 37 hotels in Florida, the US.

Mrs. Jennifer Williams
EBMI - Director of Operations

Mrs. Jennifer Williams

Ms. Jennifer Williams is Director - Operations at EBMI. She has been associated since 2016 with EBMI EUROPE assisting CEO Mr. Mariusz Luszczewski in India operations. Ms. Jennifer Williams started with EMBI EUROPE coordinating market entry for EHRLE Germany in India as well joint as operation manager in a partnership company Hass Ventures India Private Limited owned by EBMI EUROPE & HASS HOLDING LIMITED. Her achievements, dedication and hard work was notice by the board of directors and she was promoted in 2021 to Senior Operations Manager. Since July 2022 she was given a responsibility to start operations on behalf of EBMI & Foton Novelty Group S.A in the renewable energy sector. After a spectacular success on the market entry, she got a seat as a board member and is holding a position of Director – Operations on behalf of EBMI in India.

EBMI - Greenops
Chief Technical Director

Mr. Gurpreet Singh

A decade of experience in advising renewable energy sector CXOs and teams on technology, execution, risk management and strategic expansion. Hands-on experience at handling detailed engineering, project management, transaction advisory, policy advisory, strategic accounts, and many niche segments like airports, floating solar having complex techno-commercial challenges.

Previously Owned Consulting Operations, Technology Adoption, Growth & Strategy at Gensol Group (India’s largest Solar PV Advisory Services firm with 33GW+ credentials) as part of the Group Management Team.

EBMI - Greenops
Technical Director

Mrs. Shivya Singhal

An Solar PV Industry expert at synchronizing supply with demand and at developing supply chain strategies that significantly impact profitability and increase the total value of the business.

Managing end to end engineering cycle for Solar PV project of varied scales while keep in gatight control on technical, regulatory and budget compliance.

Optimization of design in sync with technological advances of the time backed by a proactive OEM engagement and cross functional knowledge transfer. Owning the fund raise activities on the group level among diverse businesses of EPC, O&M, eCommerce, ElectricMobility andAI based SaaS platform.

Mr. J.W Mittal
EBMI - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. J.W Mittal

I na career spanning more than a decade, worked with organizations like PWC and KPMG from consulting side in India, where he was an advisor to several international clients on the Business and Tax subjects.

Mr. Mittal held key leadership roles in the finance verticals in Companies such as IndiGo Airlines and ReNew Power, from the Industry side.

Mr. Mittal majors in the Taxation profile with credible experience in Renewable energy project financing, mergers and acquisitions etc. His skills and exposure includes Integrated Reporting, Tax Appellate, International Business, Strategic Collaborations...

Mr. Harish Kaushik
EBMI - Strategic Senior Manager
& Corporate Banking Expert

Mr. Harish Kaushik

Consummate Finance professional with 41 years of strategic senior management and functional experience in entire gamut of corporate banking, Infrastructure & Project Finance with the topmost bank in India, State Bank of India (SBI), NBFC operations (Reliance Capital Ltd) and corporate management, out of which 21 years are dedicated to infra financing i.e. transportation, renewable energy, water besides social infrastructure in the capacity of project lender and handled infra asset portfolio of INR ~600billion for SBI and Reliance caps. For 2 years (2016-2018), he was part of senior management team responsible for managing 1.5GW renewal energy assets as head of Project Finance-Solar Business at Mytrah Energy, India, one of the largest renewable energy Group in India.

Mrs. Marta Kopeć
EBMI - Attorney at law. Managing Partner

Mrs. Marta Kopeć

She specializes in labour law and commercial law. She is an outstanding expert in labour law, particularly in areas where labour law intertwines with commercial law.

She has extensive experience in conducting court cases. She is a member of the Labour Law Association (Stowarzyszenie Prawa Pracy – SPP). Mrs. Marta Kopeć is a personal legal advisor to Members of Management Boards, Managing Directors as well as HR Directors of employers operating in Poland. She is also the author of numerous legal opinions and articles on labour law. In the law firm she supervises the Department of Business Law.

Since 2009, she has been advising consumers and entrepreneurs as part of their business activities. She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw. She is also a graduate of the Italian and European Law School established at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw and run in cooperation with Catania University – Faculty of Law (Universita’ degli studi di Catania Facolta’ di Giurisprudenza). In 2015, she obtained a diploma from SGH Warsaw School of Economics, where she completed the “Academy of Companies” postgraduate studies with very good results.

Mrs. Joanna Chmielińska
EBMI - Head of Business Law Department / Attorney at law

Mrs. Joanna Chmielińska

She has experience of 10 years in providing legal services for economic entities. She advises managers and the upper rank of supervisors of the largest commercial companies in Poland. She specializes in planning and efficient conducting of transations for companies.

Using her experience in strategic advice, she advises clients on every level of the transaction, starting with the planning, through the legal research, preparing and negotiating transaction documents , to the very last level of the post-transaction accounting.

During the whole transaction process she manages the team of lawyers and coordinates their work while providing the client with the consistent information on the work proces and the support the client needs.

Graduate of the legal studies of The University of Warsaw and the gainer of the Master of Law title of the University of Pompeau Fabra in Barcelona. Member of the District Chamber of Attorneys-at-Law in Warsaw.

She’s an author of numerous publications on capital market and commercial companies. Editor of the website www.managerwspolce.pl

Mr. Paweł Sawicki
EBMI - KKZ - Head of the Criminal Law and Compliance Department / Advocate

Mr. Paweł‚ Sawicki

Advocate with 18 years of experience. Specialises in criminal law with emphasis on criminal business law, including compliance. Extensive experience in projects focusing on abuse detection and prevention. Handed dozens of explanatory proceedings concerning activities detrimental to a company, abuse of powers, diverting assets, corruption and other types of abuse. Advises on compliance matters, also in the area of cybersecurity.

Specialises in judicial proceedings. Defence counsel in criminal cases. Also represents injured parties – mostly companies that suffered abuse.

Advised, for ten years, major global manufacturers of computer software associated in BSA – The Software Alliance, i.a. on aspects of copyrights protection in light of criminal law. Over that period, handled over 800 criminal proceedings.

Thanks to extensive knowledge and comprehensive experience, has the ability to see the matter and Client’s situation from different points of view, and pinpoint the issue. Building on that, finds solutions to hard, ground-breaking cases.

Mr. Maciej Gustaw Zaborowski
EBMI - Advocate. Managing Partner.

Mr. Maciej Gustaw Zaborowski

He specializes in criminal cases, press law and personal interests. He conducts litigation for leading politicians and journalists. He advises the presidents and supervisory boards of the largest Polish companies. Co-author of numerous amendments to the law, including the amendments to the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure. He supervises the litigation department in the law firm.

He gained his professional experience, among others, in several well-known Warsaw law firms, as well as in the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Rome, the Ministry of Justice and the Polish Parliament, where he, among others, co-authored a report from the Parliamentary Investigation Committee to examine the case of the legislative process of the laws amending the Act of 29 July 1992 on games and betting and the executive regulations issued on the basis of those regulations in the scope of games on low win machines and video gaming terminals and to examine the lawfulness of the operation of government administration bodies investigating the process [the so-called “Gambling Committee”]. Author of numerous legal opinions related to the legislative process, including those commissioned by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

Nikhil Palli
EBMI - Partner at Palli Law Firm

Mr. Nikhil Palli

The family’s tryst with the noble profession and the legal fraternity began in 1910 at the then State of Pepsu, the princely State of Maharaj of Patiala and presently is within the State of Punjab, when our founding father Late Sh. Lachman Dass Palli established himself as an Advocate in year 1910-11. His Son, namely Late Sh. Lajpat Rai Palli carried forward the families name in the profession and passed out his law degree from Lahore University during pre-partitioned India days and joined his father in his office at Patiala.

Then came the third generation, Late Mr. Justice Prem Krishen Palli,. He completed his law from Delhi University in the year 1960-61 and joined the well established and renowned family office at Patiala, having maximum number of briefs in every branch of law. This was an office with large numbers of associates, who would always felt privileged to be part of our office and infrastructure.

With the bifurcation, three States namely H.P., Punjab and Haryana were established and a joint High Court for the States of Punjab and Haryana was set up at Chandigarh. With a prestigious family background and zeal qua profession, Late Mr. Justice Prem Krishen Palli shifted to practice in the High Court at Chandigarh in the Year 1970, and, with sheer dint of his hard labour, high professional skills and dedication, he was designated as Senior Counsel by the Punjab and Haryana High Court and while recognizing his great acumen and pious conduct made recommendation and got him elevated as Judge of the High Court.

Mr. Mark Grey
EBMI - Tranding Managing Partner

Mr. Mark Grey

With more than 30 years’ experience in the construction and building material industry. With over 20 years’ experience in the Asia Pacific region since leaving his home base of Sydney, Australia. He has an established regional network of business partners and associates which continues to grow and a track record of success and achievement that has focused on growth with relatively low costs resulting from his operational efficiencies.

In 2002, Mark was appointed to the position of General Manager, Asia Pacific for CENTRIA, a US market leader in the construction material industry. From a start-up budget of less than USD 200,000 and staff count of one, Mark grew the Asian business from sales of USD 700,000 to over USD 30 million since taking up the challenge based out of Shanghai China. In the following years Mark has achieved growth with minimal funding from the US parent. The growth in Asia and the manufacturing operation has been to a major extent, self-funded and the brand has been successfully established in China.

Mr. Mark has lived and worked in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia.

Mr. Mark has successfully penetrated most Asian markets with clients in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines.

Mr. Faisal Hassan
EBMI - Tranding Consultant Global Sales

Mr. Faisal Hassan

Mr. Faisal Hassan relocated to Sydney, Australia in 2008, from Bangladesh. By which he successfully attained a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from Western Sydney University in 2013. Followed by Master’s in Professional Accounting from Monash University in 2014.

Mr. Faisal has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge from his past tenures at top tier Sydney based chartered accountancy firms such as YML Group and Chowdhury & Company.

Mr. Faisal in the past several years, with his ambitious demeanour, has successfully built and maintained many integral business relationships with the Government of Bangladesh and multiple private corporations with the aim to facilitate business development and fund innovative infrastructure projects. He has prime relationship with Bangladesh commodities market business associates and is fluent in both languages, Bengali and English.

Mr. Des Flyn
EBMI - Tranding Director of Global Sales

Mr. Des Flyn

Mr. Des Flyn relocated from Dublin to Melbourne, Australia in the late 1980's. He brings with him over 35 years in business management experience, running global businesses with companies located in Shanghai to Dublin and Melbourne.

Mr. Des has expertise in procurement on a global scale, in addition to providing the experience required to execute the management and creation of developing a product concept in design and manufacture to, marketing the launch of the final product.

Mr. Des has the executive acumen and skill set to develop a strategic framework to successfully deliver projects across multiple industries. Mr. Des has delivered projects from inception to hand over in the Construction, Commodities, Transport and Garment Industries.

Mr. Des Flyn
EBMI - Tranding Consultant Global Sales

Mr. Terrence Donnelly

Mr. Terrence Donnelly has an extensive wealth of knowledge and over 35 years of experience in the construction industry. With a mindset to lead and manage a winning team, Terrence provides innovative solutions in any project environment.

With comprehensive knowledge in budgeting, problem solving and communication, Mr. Terrence places the highest importance on delivering quality stakeholder management.

Mr. Terrence has founded and managed several companies throughout his career, predominantly his focus has been in project management and property development, in addition to many other entrepreneurial ventures. Mr. Terrence has successfully delivered over 50 projects on time and to budget.

Mr. Terrence brings his skills and expertise in tender and bid management for both residential and commercial projects, management of construction risk, project management, and construction management.

Mr. Alexander Burgess
EBMI - Tranding Contracts Manager

Mr. Alexander Burgess

Mr. Alexander Burgess has successfully delivered a number of integral roles throughout his career in the construction industry. His 10 years of experience has ranged from Bid Management, Contract Administration, Project Management, Quantity Surveying and Estimating, then transitioning into Senior Executive roles as Commercial Manager, Contracts Manager and Director. Specialising in delivering projects throughout his career exceeding $250M in value; in addition he has attained his Bachelor of Urban Development (Construction Management) from the Queensland University of Technology.

Mr. Alexander has expertise in designing and executing strategic business plans in addition to managing all contractual obligations with external stakeholders whilst implementing efficiencies across the company to ensure each of our projects remain feasible and viable against our agreed contractual programme and budget.

Mr. Alexander is motivated to build relationships with global business partners to accelerate the performance of the company whilst ensuring market competitiveness. Mr. Alexander takes pride in managing and supporting Tallon internal departments, which are not limited to each of our project teams, sales, design, estimating, insurance and legal, accounts and logistics.

Mr. Chitranjan Kaushik
EBMI - Ecofirst TATA Enterprise - Chief Operationg Officer

Mr. Chitranjan Kaushik

Mr. Chitranjan provides technical inputs in his areas of expertise and manages projects and looks after administrative matters of the company including functions like developing business strategy and plans, client management, new initiatives, business development, financial management, resource planning and recruitments, sub consultants and vendor management, developing associates and partners.

He has over 26 years of varied experience. A Civil Engineer with a master’s from UNESCO – IHE, The Institute for Water Education in Netherlands with a specialization in Hydro – informatics, Mr. Chitranjan is a Diplomat, Water Resources Engineer under certification from the American Academy of Water Resources Engineers (AAWRE), and a member of American Society of Civil Engineers. He is also a member of IWA, ASCE, IEI.

His areas of experience include sustainable infrastructure planning and design, integrated water management, water and waste water treatment plants, mathematical modelling of water systems and environmental impact assessment.

Mr. Rakesh Bhatia
EBMI - Ecofirst TATA Enterprise - Senior Vice President

Mr. Rakesh Bhatia

Mr. Rakesh Bhatia is a transformation leader, a Team Mentor and a Sustainability Evangelist. A Mechanical Engineer with MBA, He is also an IGBC Fellow, LEED AP BD + C, GRIHA Trainer & Evaluator and RESET AP.

Mr. Rakesh has more then 23 years experience in leading High Performance multi disciplinary teams in design and delivery of Multiple assets across the Built Environment and has worked on more than 100 projects. His areas of expertise include Energy efficiency in existing and HERITAGE Buildings, Design and evaluation of low cooling technologies like Radiant cooling, Ground source Geo Thermal and allied. Technology selection of high performance buildings, Program Management for Multi Asset Clients, Designing strategies for IOT based Smart Technologies for M&V leading to Analytics and Insights delivering outlier performance in Buildings, Thought Leadership in the field of Net Zero, Health& Wellness in Buildings and Renewable Energy, Technical Due Diligence for Strategic Asset Valuation for Private Equity REIT Funds. He has experience in Training and mentoring Architectural and Engineering Institutes through Industry Academia Interactions in the field of Sustainability, Energy, High Performance Buildings and is a speaker par excellence at Public Events, Conferences, etc.

Mr. Poul V. Jensen
EBMI - EBTC - Managing Director - International Cosultant - Europe - India - Europe

Mr. Poul V. Jensen

Mr. Jensen focus in the SME and research communities, and his main mandate is to pragmatically execute the task of bringing EU and India even closer together in their strategic and operational relations. This includes addressing challenges in transferring clean technologies, providing input for developing clusters, and for developing procedures to enhance collaboration on R&D and innovation.

Mr. Poul holds a Bachelors in International Trade from the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and a Master's in Business Administration from CASS Business School, London. His career started 1989 at the then largest Danish Conglomerate, East Asiatic Company, a shipping, transportation and distribution firm, operating globally.

Mr. Varun Segal
EBMI - EBTC - Chief Operating Officer International

Mr. Varun Segal

Mr. Varun focus is on structuring and managing clusters and projects leading to Europe-India collaborations. He has designed clusters and programmes to support cooperation for smart and sustainable infrastructure and initiatives by the governments and private sector.

Earlier Mr. Varun has gathered 14 years of hands-on diversified experience in policy matters, advocacy, development sector projects and strategic planning. He has worked with the Government of India as an Advisor and was a Partner at a PR and Strategy Consulting firm, leading the business advocacy practice.